Guitar Colour Tuner For iOS

For beginners tuning the guitar isn’t always that easy. If you don’t know the notes traditional guitar tuners can be very complicated. The Guitar Colour Tuner is our easy solution for this problem.

  • Each string has a color

  • In addition to the guitar it supports e.g. bass guitar, electric guitar and ukulele

  • The tuning of the guitar becomes very precise.

  • The concert pitch is adjustable

This is how it works

The app uses the Guitar Colour System®. Imagine every string had a color in the following order from high to low:

“While the sun is shining bright and yellow I take a walk across a green field. I spot a red ball and kick it into the blue sky. The ball bounces back onto small pile of brown sand and rolls down into a black hole in the ground.”

(thickest string) EADGBE (thinnest string)

This story is easy to memorize. Our app is able to show you if string and color match. When your string isn’t anywhere near to being in tune our app will show you in which direction to turn for the right pitch.

We wish you a lot of fun and success while learning to play the guitar and hope with our app you’ll always stay in tune!

Guitar Colour Tuner auf dem iPhone 5s