Motivation Checker

You are a teacher, you want feedback from your students and at the same time you want to strengthen their own perception of the class as a whole? The Motivation Checker for iPhone and iPad gives you an easy way.

  • Meaningful funny smileys to vote with
  • Save questions with iCloud sync
  • Undo function for wrong entries or jokers

Here is how it works

Ask your students a question such as:

  • How motivated are you today?
  • How well were you able to follow the lessons?
  • How well prepared are we for our performance?

Then each student (anonymously if possible) taps on a smiley. On the next page you will see the average smiley of the class. If the result is surprising, you can react and change your plans if necessary. If it is as expected, this can give you security and self-confidence. In any case, the student feels noticed and sees how he feels compared to the class. So the social component comes first!

You can read on here if you want to learn more about the idea and background of this app.

The idea provider

My father Burkhard Mikolai came up with the idea for this app while teaching class music with guitars. He is also the inventor of the Guitar Colour System.

The smiley designer

Lina Mikolai not only created the smileys for this app, but is also my wonderful wife. Without you I would be nothing! You give me strength and your love drives me!