Motivation Checker For iOS

Are you a teacher and would like to get more feedback from your students? Do you also want to provide them with an easy way to reflect on their class? This app presents a simple platform to do so.

  • Meaningful, funny smileys for voting

  • Record your questions

  • Sort them alphabetically, by creation date or by the date they were last used

  • Undo-functionality for mistakes and joking kids

This is how it works

Ask your students questions such as:

  • How motivated are you today?
  • How did you like today’s lesson?
  • How well are we prepared for our upcoming performance?

After a question has been raised, each student will be given the opportunity to vote on the particular question by using a range of emojis (potentially anonymously). On the next screen you can see the average result. This insight may give you the opportunity to improve your lessons if the outcome was unexpected. If the results do turn out as anticipated though, they may also serve as reassurance and let you know you’re on the right track. In either case your students will feel like they have a voice in the chapter and furthermore they are given the possibility to gauge their feelings compared to their fellow classmates. The social aspect is second to none.

Read on to learn more about the idea and background of this app.