Sebastian Mikolai

I can’t remember the first time I held an instrument in my hand. Music has always been a part of my life. Besides numerous piano teachers I also plagued my father in the guitar group and in various band projects. With the latter I used to be a keyboard player, a singer, a bassist or guitarist and rarely even played the drums. In the Jugendblasorchester Beeskow I played the timpani, in musical projects I either took on a performing role or acted as a accompanist. My afternoons were well filled!

And it was fun! I was most enthusiastic about rock music, but I was never afraid of pop, classical music, jazz and musicals. If someone wanted to involve me in a project, my answer was always “Yes”. In this way, early in my life, I was able to form a comprehensive picture of music as a whole that is of great use to me today.
So I decided to study music and in spring 2015 I graduated as a sound engineer at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Besides my studies I taught at the music school in Schöneiche. After 9 years as a freelance teacher for piano/keyboard and bass guitar, I now work as a teacher for piano and audio engineering at the Schwedt/Oder Music School. I also supervise some live events (especially from my favourite group VocaYou) and record music now and then.

Anyone who works with me knows me as a patient, relaxed guy. Trust, openness, tolerance and responsibility are great values to me. This also includes admitting when I cannot (yet) do something, or not as well as someone else. Of course, to be responsible when I’ve screwed up is part of that.

Besides music, I have two other great passions. One is devoted to the psychology of learning, the other to programming.
Today there are many interesting insights into learning, including promising new school concepts, which unfortunately are still far from being realised (at least in Germany). I often read, do research and exchange ideas with my friends. And of course I try to bring this knowledge into my music school activities.

Computers have fascinated me since I was a child. However, I had no like-minded people when it came to programming at that time and the Internet was not as informative as it is today, so I had given up out of a lack of information. A few years ago I discovered Apple’s Xcode programming platform for myself and worked through countless tutorials, books and documentation to bring my basic knowledge up to a level that can be worked with. Today I develop apps for iOS, if my time allows it, with the goal to support musical education.

I hope you enjoy my website. You can follow what I am doing and what wonderful people I am allowed to work with.

Sebastian Mikolai im Portrait